Lauren has created a unique and inspiring podcast that everyone can enjoy whether you're a dancer or not. She has such a beautiful energy that makes it easy for her interviewees to open up and talk about their personal experiences and struggles, and you can                          gain so much insight on what it takes to succeed in a difficult business. There's no doubt that after you listen to The Dance Podcast, you'll feel motivated to push through obstacles and pursue your goals!
  - Mel Mah, Dancer for Janet Jackson, You Got This Girl Co-Founder, Film Director
Lauren Ritchie's The Dance Podcast is truly one of a kind! A unique platform for professionals in the industry to share their experience and wisdom with the next generation of talent. Also an unparalleled source of information for artists looking for wisdom from some of the best in the industry. My chat with Lauren was easy, fun, and professional, she has created something incomparable.
- Lukas Tyrell, UnTitled Director, Got To Dance WInner
Lauren Ritchie provides an invaluable resource and outlet for the working dancer with The Dance Podcast. She has created an open and genuine way for professionals to share their stories and knowledge with the generations to come. It is companies like this that help us all grow stronger, and keep us connected across the globe. Thank goodness for people like her!
- Christie Lee Manning, House of Jazz Director, UnCorked Theatre Founder
As someone who is going through a transitional period in my career as a professional dancer, listening to this podcast has been invaluable. I am one who likes to gather all the facts, and be sure of what I’m doing before I do it. Having access to tons of professional dancers’ stories, struggles, and successes has made me feel more confident in the path that I’m choosing. And, it’s nice to know that a lot of other dancers/people have felt what I’m feeling, or gone through what I’m going through. It’s a nice reminder that I’m not alone.
- Terra Kell, Dancer