the Dance Podcast

Hi! I'm Lauren. 

Dance has been my life!

I was a highly competitive dancer and have made dance my career, but it was NOT a smooth transition from High School into the professional world! I was SO confused about where to start and what my options were. I desperately wanted help and mentorship.

I flailed and failed many times over as I tried to "figure out my life". My journey came with physical, emotional and mental bruises.

But! Now that I am a bit older, have a Med in Coaching studies - focusing on Mental Skills Training for Dancer, and have the pleasure of working with younger dancers, I noticed that their confusion and craving  for mentorship is the same as mine! There are so many options and so many paths to consider that it can be paralyzing when considering dance as a career.

I want to to help. 

I figure what better way then to start connecting all of us "oldies" with years of experience to the younger generation of dancers?!

Through stories, advice, and REAL, candid conversations - the DANCE PODCAST interviews dancers, choreographers, agents, performing arts executives, sport psychologists and industry professionals to help empower the next generation of dancers!

Listen to my full story below!

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What do you want to hear more about? Who do you want to be interviewed? LET ME KNOW! and I will try my very best to make it happen :) 

Sending love xox